Headshots & Portrait Photography



As a special introductory offer I am charging just £50 for a two hour session with two retouched images which will be sent to you in both colour and black and white. Additional photos can be retouched for a supplementary fee of £5 per photo which will then also be sent to you in both colour and black and white. This is a limited time offer so do contact me to book before it’s too late!

How to book

Please visit my contact me page to find 2 or 3 dates on which I have availability which would suit you. Email these dates to info@rachelsloanphotography.co.uk with the subject “Headshots”.


What to expect

All of my headshots are shot outdoors in natural light as I believe that this gives the best results. We will meet at a location that suits both of us and has cover so that we can carry on regardless of the weather.

The session will be approximately two hours long during which you may change your top as many times as you like. However, we will be outside, so I recommend that you wear a vest underneath so as to preserve your modesty!

The tops you bring should have a variety of necklines and can be any colour but should be plain rather than patterned. A jacket or coat can also make for some interesting shots if you wish to wear one for a portion of the session.

Please avoid wearing a lot of make up – you can always add more as the session progresses if you wish to change your look, but it is best to start off as natural as possible. It is also much easier for me to retouch a blemish than it is to even out heavy make up that has been used to cover up.